A Clean House?? But I have TWO kids!!!


How many of us have said this? Some of you may only have one kid… others may have more! And I don’t know about you, but I have a really hard time keeping a clean house with a 2 year old and a 1 year old running around being complete terrors! Seems like everything I put away is now their favorite toy! Just as soon as I put it up, they’re behind me taking it right back down! I usually have the house picked up right before I start supper. I then put the kids in the play room while I get to cooking – by the time my husband comes home they have completely tore up the play room and I have completely tore up the kitchen! Makes it look like I haven’t done a thing all day!

With a family of four, I have a ton of laundry to do every week! Especially with two babies spilling food and drink on themselves all the time! It seems as if I am always playing catch up on the laundry as well. What makes it more difficult in my case is the laundry room is on a different level of the house. I then have to go up and down stairs and pray that the kids don’t kill themselves (or each other…) in ten minutes I’m not around the corner! I find I never get the laundry done because I get preoccupied by everything else I need to do! Sweep, mop, dust, pick up, play with the kids some, oh my goodness look at the bathroom… wait… I didn’t finish sweeping! Or did I??? I don’t remember… My mind goes from one place to the next and I never seem to get anything finished!

Well, a brilliant friend of mine suggested I make a schedule for myself for the week to get the cleaning done. I wasn’t so sure about it at first, so I started doing some research. I didn’t even know where to start! How do you divide all the house work evenly throughout the week and keep a clean house??? I found a website of a lady who was having the same problems I was! She had already made a calendar for herself and has made it available to anyone who is interested! I JUMPED ON IT! You can make it your very own! I did exactly that. Although it’s only been a few days – I AM LOVING IT!!!! It seemed like I would clean all day, and yet never felt okay to sit down and rest or to just spend time with my kids. Now that I have it all written down on a piece of paper to mark it off, I know that everything is going to get done… just maybe not today. Here is the link to the website… stay tuned to see how my progress goes! Aaron noticed the difference on the first day. He walked in and said, “Wow… the house looks great!” WOO HOO! Finally!!! He got home and it looked decent!!! And I wasn’t completely worn out by the time he got home from running around like a psycho path trying to get things picked up!!!




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