Pinterest and Cooking!


I absolutely love cooking and trying new recipes! Well, I have dedicated this week to trying new recipes I have found on Pinterest. Now, given, I probably won’t cook a new dish EVERY day… but I have already cooked two! And I have at least three more that I want to try this week!

Yesterday, I made Brown Sugar Banana Pancakes! My gracious! They were wonderful! But they were really rich! You wouldn’t be able to eat too many of them without getting sick! Eliza wouldn’t touch them (go figure!) but Jude ate them up! So did Daddy 😉

Today I made Cajun Chicken Stuffed with Pepper Jack Cheese and Spinach. I thought of my dad as soon as I saw it! He loves some spinach! It was extremely good! Aaron loved it. Only thing I wasn’t too keen on was the obvious spiciness to it! I hate spicy food! But it wasn’t too much to handle 🙂

I’ll post as I keep trying these recipes… it should be interesting! Menu includes items such as shrimp tacos with a cilantro lime sauce (YUMMMMY!!!!) and some type of pesto chicken… can’t wait!



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